Yuri!!! on Ice Fanfics

Just Let Our Walls Cave In

(Rated: T, WIP: Updates Every Saturday)


In which everything is almost the same, except there are soulmates, many accidents, and much magic—but in the end, Yuuri and Victor will always find each other.

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All Roads Lead Home

(Rated: T, WIP, Choose Your Own Adventure Fic that updates after polls are closed on Patreon)


What if things were just slightly different? What if Yuri went to Worlds along with the rest of the Russians at the beginning of canon YoI? What if he snuck off to Hasetsu while the adults weren’t looking?

What if that changed everything?

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All That We Hold of Heaven

(Rated: T, WIP)

All That We Hold of Heaven

Falling—the act of it, the emotion of it—means a lot of different things to different people.

For Yuuri, it means everything.

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with a reverence incurred

(Rated: M, Complete: 26k)


Yuuri’s spent years searching the world for answers about his own existence. It’s been decades, maybe even centuries, though that should be nothing to an ageless being like himself.

But it’s frustrating. It’s aggravating.

The last place he expects to find answers is a sleepy, seaside town.

The last way he expects to find them is in the shape of an ordinary man.

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Very Gay and Debonair

(Rated: G, Complete: 32k)


When they were younger, Victor and Yuuri were the best of friends. They had their ups and downs, but it quickly got to the point where if they weren’t seen together at school, someone would ask what was wrong.

But things change, and it’s been ten years since Victor’s heard from his best friend. The radio silence haunts Victor, but he makes due.

At least until Victor suddenly finds himself engaged to a person who’s now a stranger:


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(Rated: T, Complete: 120k)


Yuuri is the God of Death and Lord of the Underworld, and has established and maintained a tentative peace after a long war with the gods of the Overworld. He thought he’d been doing an okay job, but apparently it wasn’t enough, just like everything he tries to do. Now the Lord of the Overworld demands Yuuri marry one of their gods as proof of each side’s commitment. All in all it might not be such a bad situation—Yuuri’s always admired Victor, the God of Spring, from a distance.

Problem is, Victor would rather have Yuuri dead than stay his husband. In fact, Victor would just like Yuuri dead in general.

AKA the weird Hades and Persephone retelling (not Greek world building tho) that I couldn’t help but writing.

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A Siren Song of Life and Love

(Rated: T, Complete: 22k)


Victor and Yuuri are sirens of space, and live on a small moon together with their kraken, Makkachin, where they enjoy their happily ever after.

(A set of soft, interwoven Mermay drabbles!)

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In the Hope of Open Hands

(Rated: G, Complete: 10k)
In The Hope of Open Hands

Prince Victor’s arranged to be married to one of the most powerful mages in his kingdom. His entire life has been a sacrifice to the throne, so it makes sense he has no choice in his marriage, either—even if he hates the whole situation. His husband to be may be attractive from afar, but he knows it’s not an arrangement meant to be a loving, caring relationship like Victor craves.

Well, at least that’s what he thinks. A chance encounter leads to a change of heart—and a trip through time.

AKA the fluff fic I’m writing because I hit 1.5k followers on Twitter, and wanted to treat everyone I’m murdering with my angst fic.

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 Magic, Mayhem, & Muffins

(Rated: T, Complete: 39k)
Magic, Mayhem & Muffins.png

Yuuri’s a baker who’s subtle touch brings out the magic in his bread, and a smile to his customers’ faces. Victor’s culinary skills are renowned across the kingdom, the enchantments of his food enthralling the nation. Yuuri aspires to be like Victor, to be known by Victor, but after screwing up his one chance to impress him, he realizes there was never any hope in the first place.

Or so he thinks…

AKA the light fantasy magical food AU that literally no one asked for, but the professional chef and baker in me needs to write.

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 One Shots


Get the Ball Rolling

Victor’s a genie, and Yuuri’s running out of time to make a wish. Naturally, he wishes for the first thing that comes to mind: a ball pit.

G | Words: 3,403

Mari, and the sacrifices she’s made for her life and love.

G | Words: 3,331


Victor can’t see color, and no one knows why. He doesn’t remember when he lost the ability, he didn’t even care for a long time. Now he’s searching for a solution with no luck—at least until he meets Yuuri.

G | Words: 4,971


Victor’s the king of the underground, attending to his duties with a bored obligation.

At least until Yuuri shows up.

M | Words: 2,892


Victor has a sexy video to show Yuuri.

T | Words: 734