The Curious Tale of the Starry-Eyed Princess

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The Curious Tale of the Starry-Eyed Princess


A Sensible Princess with Blind Eyes like Stars
An Ice-Breathing Dragon with the Temperament of a Fat House Cat
A Knight with an Ego Problem and A Prosthetic Leg
A Powerful Enchantress Hindered with a Lisp

Not the adventure you’ve been waiting for, but like a train wreck you can’t look away from.



This is a novel that’s being written by me, and more importantly, you. Every Monday that I can, I’ll post a new chapter written with the prompts that you, the readers, give me. Prompts can be anything: a picture, a poem, a word, a song, an idea. In my previous prompt novel, people even gave me ideas for the sorts of weapons characters would use, who lived, who died, new characters to be introduced, themes to be covered. Anything goes!

Submit Prompts

Prompt by Tweet, Facebook, Tumblr, or just comment on any of the chapters posted! The prompt window is open all the time and there are no limits on how many promptsPlease keep it within reason, though! If things get overwhelming (highly doubtful), I’ll be putting stricter guidelines up. Also try to keep prompts relatively PG-13. I reserve the right to say no to a prompt, but I’ve never done so even with two other prompt projects under my belt.

By giving me prompts you’re giving me permission to use them any way and any where I see fit. You’ve been warned.


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