[Hiatus: Prompt Project] Shorts of Sorts

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FINALLY, after years of a handful of people asking for it, the prompt stories have returned! A little different this time, but the basics have carried over.

I’ll be posting a short story every other Sunday on the blog, Instagram, Tumblr, and often Twitter, written with every single last prompt people gave me the week before. Yep. All of them. In one story.

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The Basics

Here’s how it works:

  • Anyone can send me prompts at any time, though if you prompt late it might get worked into the next story. Prompt calls will go out the Saturday before a story posts.
  • There’s no prompt limit (though if the sky falls and there are too many, some might carry over to the next story).
  • Prompts can be anything! Words, songs, pictures, ANYTHING. But keep prompts PG-13, and nothing offensive. There are prompt themes every week to get brain juices flowing, but they don’t have to be adhered to by any means.
  • By giving me prompts, you’re giving me the honor to do whatever I’d like with them in/with my stories. The stories themselves remain my content, the prompts remain the content of whoever owns them.
  • The background illustrations are done by Blue Byrde, and you absolutely need to check her and her marvelous artwork out!!! Blue’s taking a break, but filling in for her is the lovely L!
  • To give prompts, just leave a reply on a blog post, use my contact page, leave a comment on Instagram, a reply on Twitter, or an ask on Tumblr!

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Custom Stories

Completely new to this project, you can commission your own story! For the price of a Ko-Fi, you can have me write a prompt story exclusively with your prompts, to be posted on the off weeks between regular stories. Send me a message with what you’re thinking of to make sure we’re both on board, and we’ll go from there! Same general rules as above apply here, and obviously if there’s an absurd amount of prompts, it won’t fit within the usual prompt story word count. (Though if you want to commission longer work, feel free to reach out!) The story will of course remain my content, and I can’t promise any illustrations unless you commission Blue as well.

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Stories So Far

  1. A Heavy Heart
  2. Cosmic Consequences
  3. A Migration
  4. I Crave
  5. Lactose Intolerant
  6. Precipitating Flame
  7. Marbles
  8. Forezt
  9. Vice of Reason
  10. A Witch of a Solution
  11. TBA


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