Sacrifices of Shadow



Sacrifices of Shadow is a graphic novel in the vein of dark urban fantasy, written by K. Kazul Wolf and illustrated by Matt Edginton. Anya is on her way to visit her mother when she comes upon a strange man lying in the road. It’s the middle of the night, pouring rain, and through the headlights it looks like something has just tried to tear this guy to pieces. He asks if she has a weapon on her, and before she can scoff or run back to the safety of her truck, something large begins to growl behind her…

Anya finds herself drawn into an eldritch world where hellish hounds stalk the between-worlds, magic-infused firearms are bought and traded, and shadowy entities in human guise appear to be eerily common.



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Praise for Sacrifices of Shadow…

I devoured this. (…) It’s a quick, tight story with a protagonist who gets caught up in a difficult situation outside of her understanding (complete with demons and hell hounds and such) and rises to the occasion. A lot of fun, and superb writing.

Michael Mammy, Author of PLANETSIDE

Sacrifices of Shadow is a fast-paced UF with a strong noir art style. Wolf does a good job of establishing the characters and their relationship to one another quickly, which is necessary in such a short graphic novel. I quite liked John’s gentlemanly attitude, and could understand why Anya would trust him. As I mentioned, the art is also outstanding—dark and atmospheric without being moody.

Hayley Stone, Author of MACHINATIONS

Man I am such a fan of mixed media stories be they graphic novels or a story with illustrations like this one (the shovel & pistol pics in particular were my faves!) but over all this had such a cool dark feel to both the story and the artwork. I love seeing a writer & illustrator work so well together!

C.L. McCollum