PROMPTED is a collection of eclectic,  speculative fiction created as an online effort between author and reader. The project began when readers were given a theme, then gave prompts that had to be worked into a story that was published on my website every week for a year. The collaborative work created an amazing support system of readers, creating a wide variety of stories that range from heroes that save the day in less-than heroic ways, possessed dolls with life stored in their mirror eyes, a six-year old girl that is a reincarnated viking warrior, the seasons of the year battling for dominance, and explorations of society, gender, and self. The stories defy expectations by taking typical story lines and adding a theme of absurdity that pushes readers, makes them think, or makes them laugh.

The collection is currently seeking a home with a publisher where it will be illustrated by the amazing Telari, but for now, the stories are all still up for you guys to enjoy. NOTE: All of these links lead back to the original Tumblr blog where the project was posted.