Novels in Progress

Virtual Humanity

(WIP Name: Anime: The Novel)

Reality is simple for Cas. At least until he kills his best friend in a video game and they die in real life. Trapped, he has to overcome demons—his own, and the game’s.

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The Magic of Memories

(WIP Name: Sassy Stove)

Ensnared in a whimsical world of monsters and memory-eating magic, Emma must figure out who to trust and who she is, before she loses herself and those she’s come to care for.

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(WIP Name: Broadtrip)

Kaelu sets off on the roadtrip of a lifetime to save the life currents of the universe from stilling and ending existence. With a band of sea dragonriders instead of car passengers, and endless ocean instead of road, this band of strange friends have to face god-eating whales, survive cities built on the backs of monstrous turtles, and fix an unraveling world before they become unraveled themselves.

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A Sky of Feathers and Teeth

(WIP Name: Melting Cows)

Crows vs. Hounds

Humans vs. Monsters

Givers vs. Takers

(WIP. Think Hades and Persephone in space with fantasy elements like space dragons and Treasure Planet-esque ships.)

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(WIP Name: Magical Cafe AU)

(WIP. Think Beauty and the Beast meets Spirited Away.)

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Beneath Stained Glass Wings

(WIP Name: Poop Dragon, Previously Known As: Summer Thunder)

Dragons are immortal gods to Ava— until she murders one. Surrounded by civil war between dragons and humans, she must choose between being hunted or saving herself, even if it kills her dragon best friend.

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