Novels in Progress

Virtual Humanity

(WIP Name: Anime: The Novel)

Cas just wants to take care of his family after his father’s death, and the last thing he needs is to waste time on a dumb video game he’ll definitely fail at. But when his best friend, Dave, finds a new virtual reality game and challenges Cas to beat it before him, Cas can’t help but take the bet. Winning means he’ll finally earn the respect he craves. Desperate to get a head start, Cas lets Dave’s avatar die in a battle with a monster. After all, it’s just a game.

Until it isn’t. Dave dies in real life, and the game traps all players by stealing his “logout” button. With no escape from his guilt and grief, Cas takes it upon himself to save everyone by attempting to kill all the “daemons of doubt” and—as the game promises its winner—by becoming an in-game god that can get everyone home. After all, it’s his fault Dave died, and he won’t have anyone else’s blood on his conscience.

But in order to defeat the daemons he’ll need to accept help—even if that means letting others get hurt in the crossfire, like Dave. While the reality may be virtual, the consequences are very real, and the only threat greater than the daemons of doubt is the self-doubt Cas drowns in. If he rises above it, he can rescue the people he grows to love, but if succumbs, they’ll be lost to the real world forever.

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The Magic of Memories

(WIP Name: Sassy Stove)

Emma’s been thrown into a new world filled with soul-eating horrors, men with pitch-black eyes, and truculent citizens. All things she might be able to deal with, save for one problem: she’s lost her memories.

Knowing who to trust is impossible. A Magician named Morgan has taken her in, but on top of having a house that regularly tries to murder her, his motives are sketchy. A swarm of soul-devouring creatures have surrounded the town, and Morgan’s created the ward to protect them all, like he’s the good guy. But the monsters only showed up when Emma did, and the only person insisting she’s innocent despite all the evidence is Morgan—as if covering for her hides his own secrets.

More creatures manifest daily to press Morgan’s ward ever closer, a merciless countdown in the back of Emma’s mind as she digs to uncover her memories—and figure out who’s trustworthy to help her—before the whole town is consumed. After all, the truth is a tricky thing when you barely remember your own name.

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(WIP Name: Broadtrip)

Kaelu sets off on the roadtrip of a lifetime to save the life currents of the universe from stilling and ending existence. With a band of sea dragonriders instead of car passengers, and endless ocean instead of road, this band of strange friends have to face god-eating whales, survive cities built on the backs of monstrous turtles, and fix an unraveling world before they become unraveled themselves.

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A Sky of Feathers and Teeth

(WIP Name: Melting Cows)

Crows vs. Hounds

Humans vs. Monsters

Givers vs. Takers

(Real description to come. Think Hades and Persephone in space with fantasy elements like space dragons and Treasure Planet-esque ships.)

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Beneath Stained Glass Wings

(WIP Name: Poop Dragon, Previously Known As: Summer Thunder)

Ava is on the run for a crime punishable by death: killing a dragon.

As a human-dragon hybrid, Ava has never doubted the godlike dragons’ dominance. Her life has been sheltered beneath their stained-glass wings in the city in the sky — until she accidently murders one.

Hunted, she flees to the human desert below the floating city. Yet she’s not alone. Though he doesn’t know the crime she’s running from, Vito, the dragon Ava serves, refuses to abandon her to the harsh world of humans. Paired to be her master and she his caretaker, their friendship has always meant more than titles.

The desert holds no sanctuary for them. The long-suffering ground dwellers are tired of having their water supply monopolized by the dragons above and want all dragon-kind dead — including Ava and Vito. Surrendering to the dragons isn’t an option with Vito by her side, and the rebellion has offered a tempting deal. They will keep Ava alive and hide her crime, but only if she reveals the weaknesses of dragon-kind and the secrets of her city. Ava must choose between her life and everything she once called home—including Vito, the closest thing to family she has left.

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