PitchWars Blog Hop: The Story Behind the Storm

Alright, so I’m here to talk about why I wrote the novel I got into PitchWars with: Summer Thunder. But the story is a little bit more of a how than a why.

I got the inspiration from the story from a few direct sources (Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub, my weird love of thunder storms in the heat of summer, the idea of someone being persecuted for killing a dragon — which I wrote a very depressing short story about, too — and this prompt from a friend: “What if he has no voice, he’s a social outcast, he doesn’t look that good and he’s not that funny?”), but I need a big kick in the butt to start a novel. The only thing I really had to start plotting this story was that tagline you’ve probably seen around if you were following me this time this last year:

She’s on the run for a crime punishable by death: killing a dragon.

So what did I do with that? The most sane thing possible: I wrote a chapter every day for NaNo, and put the entire story in my reader’s hands. I didn’t expect anything legible to come out of it, but thought it would be a challenge to have people give me prompts every day to direct where the story would go, or throw challenges in my way. And boy did people take advantage of that. I’m still scarred from the chapter that I had to work in an ’80’s baby blue tuxedo, duck and pudding, and an allergy to sand. Did I mention that it’s a high fantasy, set in a desert? Yeah.

The site I wrote it on still exists, if you want to check out the fan art — and see proof that I’m totally insane. It was a ton of fun, and stress, and I learned so much. But I was completely prepared to scrap the story at the end.

If it weren’t for a few particularly persistent friends, it’d still be buried in a corner of the internet, a rotting file on my computer. But everyone kept pushing, so I did an insane, month-long revision to enter it in PitchWars, and, well, here I am. Ready to see what comes from the alternate round and have a list of agents to query after that.

I’m forever thankful to Evelyn Skye for being my brilliant mentor, Brenda Drake for being so generous to run this contest, iwriteforapples.com for hosting the alternate round, and everyone else who’s pulling the strings behind this extraordinary contest that’s taught me so much, and brought me to know some absolutely amazing people. (One of those amazing people being Carleen Karanovic, who’s organizing this blog hop!)

Okay, okay, I’m done gushing. Now time to write two Novels for NaNo. (Yay?) Anyone else joining the insanity? Hoping to write your own PitchWars novel?

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Bacon, out.


Why, Hello, #PitchWars and #PimpMyBio

So as a a few of you (and anyone who follows me on Twitter), know, I’ve entered PitchWars! And so to help the mentors get to know us possible-mentees while they stalk applicants, there’ve been bios written by the mentees popping up, now gathered over here. And, well, why not join in other than being horrible socially awkward?

I live in the absolute middle of nowhere in upstate/not-quite-western New York. Proof? I have chickens, sheep, three dogs, many cats (one of which is mine and lovingly known as Perv cat), and an evil bunny, with not a soul complaining about all the noise.

While I’m not hanging out in that insane asylum, I work as a baker at a four-diamond restaurant. I started off as a chef, having worked at a diner, another fine dining place, had a stint at the CIA – the other CIA – and finally settled at this place. I have to get up at 2am to go to work, so I tend to be pretty insane.

Not that I wasn’t insane to begin with.


Despite being a book, video game, and kinda-comic addict my whole life, I actually didn’t start writing as a serious hobby until I was eighteen. Before that I was a swimming jock. Then I had the swine flu for a ridiculously intense six months that left me with asthma for a year, and constant sinus pain and infections that I still have. I pretty much lost all that I’d worked for. So while I was stuck in bed watching too much anime, I wrote my first novel.

I’m a totally fantasy addict, writing all across the board of YA/occasionally NA fantasy, and sometimes sticking my nose into other spec genres. I have a project in the works with Villipede Press, but not too much else to brag about (maybe other than the silly prompt challenge… which I should be writing right now).

That’s it! All I have to share about boring old me.

Bacon, out.