Beneath Stained Glass Wings: For Free!

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Yep! As the title said, the ebook of Beneath Stained Glass wings is up for FREE right over here! The world’s going through a hell of a hard time right now, and while I can’t contribute in huge, meaningful ways, I figured that offering a book might help someone escape. Novels have gotten me through so many tough times, and the magic they gave me when I lacked any light is one of the reasons I write today. So I hope that you can find some solace in escaping into this book. All I ask is that you drop a review onto Amazon or Goodreads if you can! Please feel free to share around this post, or to spread around the posts I’ve made on Twitter and Tumblr to spread the word if you know anyone who might enjoy a book like this one!

Ava is on the run for a crime punishable by death: killing a dragon.

As a human-dragon hybrid, Ava has never doubted the godlike dragons’ dominance. Her life has been sheltered beneath their stained-glass wings in the city in the sky—until she murders one.

Hunted, she flees to the human desert below the floating city. Yet she’s not alone. Though he doesn’t know the crime she’s running from, Vito, the dragon Ava serves, refuses to abandon her to the harsh world of humans. Paired to be her master and she his caretaker, their friendship has always meant more than titles.

The desert holds no sanctuary for them. The long-suffering ground dwellers are tired of having their water supply monopolized by the dragons above and want all dragon-kind dead—including Ava and Vito. Surrendering to the dragons isn’t an option with Vito by her side, and the rebellion has offered a tempting deal. They will keep Ava alive and hide her crime, but only if she reveals the weaknesses of dragon-kind and the secrets of her city. Ava must choose between her life and everything she once called home—including Vito, the closest thing to family she has left.

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A Short of Sorts: Beginnings


Sorry to post two days in a row! This’ll be the last until next weekend, just trying to catch up. :D This one may be a bit familiar if you’ve been around the blog awhile. I took it down a while ago, but I thought it’d be good practice for the project I’ll be giving more info on next weekend. Stay tuned. ;) Check out this story on Instagram and Tumblr, if you’d like!

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