Patreon Launch!

Well… it’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? I’m not sure anyone follows this blog anymore, but I figured I’d update you all if you do!

If you follow me on Tumblr/Twitter you may have noticed that I’ve diversified what I write, AKA I got sucked into fanfiction for the first time in my life. A little over a year ago I was in a hell of a dark place–I’d lost all hope of being agented and pursuing traditional publishing yet again, my herniated disc situation had no hope of any relief from the pain, I didn’t know what I could do for a job when I could hardly sit up, among many other things. And I couldn’t even escape into books because picking up a published book reminded me how I failed writing in every way. (Regardless of whether or not I actually failed, it felt like it–still feels like it sometimes.) They would make me physically ill to read, which I know is ~dramatique~, but it was just years and years of being beaten down piling up on me, and I didn’t know what to do.

And then I was scrolling through Tumblr, and happened across a short ficlet of Yuri!!! on Ice fanfiction. Typically I just scroll past stuff like this on my dash, but when I saw it I remembered how happy that show had made me, how good it was. So I indulged. For months. And probably millions of words. And for the first time in a while, I felt somewhat happy? Most people equate fanfiction with being mindless, bad smut, but I’ve found stories that are more intricate and breathtaking that I’d ever read of anything published, regardless of the rating. These authors break the rules and the mold to create masterpieces that are free.

It’d been years since I’d actually really wanted to write, but I wanted to give back to this wonderful community that dragged me out from the depths of hopelessness and helplessness and possibly also purposefully write something that could never be published and was super indulgent and fun.

So I wrote a fic. Then one fic turned to two, then to three, then more and more until we end up here? Somehow??? I have a mildly popular fic under my belt, an amazing Discord server, and I’ve gotten the opportunity to share my original work again through, Patreon.

I’ve been posting chapters of Beneath Stained Glass Wings (AKA Poop Dragon AKA the novel that’s been through hell and back again with me) for a few weeks now, and there are also opportunities to see and influence exclusive content for Patrons! Not to mention access to my fanfic stuff earlier than everyone else. And I’m always looking to expand what I offer, so I take suggestions and comments to heart. I know the chances of me being able to support myself doing this are very, very slim, but it’s so amazing to finally be at the point where people care and appreciate my work enough to invest in me and my career. So if you’ve ever enjoyed the content that I put out, and would like to support me and/or read more of my work, please consider checking it out? And if you don’t have the cash to spare (which I totally understand), maybe consider sharing my posting on Tumblr and Twitter?

TLDR; I bucked up and finally started a Patron because fandom ROCKS (and I miss writing original fic), and I want to release all sorts of content for peeps to enjoy. :D


Bacon, out.


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