Short of Sorts: Marbles

Finally, we have… another weird story! A little short, but hopefully you guys enjoyed it. Remember that I’m still taking prompts for the next story, and the prompt theme is FOREST! (You can check out this post for more info, but feel free to prompt here.) Anyhow, here’s all the prompts!:


  • Elevator — @sarah-ahiers
  • A shark — @alliepennauthor
  • Missed The Sale. — @sdeoul
  • Marbles | Furniture department | Trying on/wearing slippers  – @blues.planet


  • The longer you wander around the labyrinthine supermarket, the longer it gets. – @telari
  • The clerk will sell you only what you need. — @verans


  • Mannequins with red, glowing eyes. — @WritingRosa
  • A store that sells dreams and wishes. | Going to buy a will to live. — @RabidCamera

If you prefer a different medium, this story’s also up on Instagram and Tumblr (Tumblr’s being a butt so bear with me a moment) (and there’s a Tweet for this post)! You can also find out more about the project, past stories, and how to get your own custom stories on this page. And if you’re enjoying the project and want to support it, consider dropping me a Ko-Fi?

See you guys in two weeks for the next story!

Bacon, out.


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