A Short of Sorts: Lactose Intolerant


As always, the amazing background art was done by Blue!

For all the murderous prompts, this turned out oddly… cute? I was not expecting that. Anyhow, remember that I’m still taking prompts for the next story, and the prompt theme is OCEAN! (You can check out this post for more info, but feel free to prompt here.) There were 18 prompts by 11 prompters, check ’em out!:


  • Seeds in raspberries being bugs — Abs


  • Molten lava — @sdeoul
  • Tarp — @sarah_ahiers
  • Sticky fingers | hungry dragons | kitchen gnomes (instead of garden gnomes) | too sweet | shockingly sour | chocolate well | strawbearies (actual strawberry bears) or other berry bears — @bluebyrde


  • a dessert that’s laced with cyanide and no one can tell because it tastes like almonds. — @Primalarc
  • A macaroon with a filling that really shouldn’t be eaten | The oven breaks down while you’re preparing the recipe. — @eveningrelics
  • a cake with the flour made of bone dust — @everqueen12
  • Dessert sprinkled with glass shards. — @telari


  • sentient avocados — @carlyheath
  • A reluctant dairy-free hero saves their town when people are brainwashed by delicious desserts from a new ice cream shop — @dragonspireUK
  • Write a story where the least likeable character saves the day. — @thewritemagnus

If you prefer a different medium, this story’s also up on Instagram and Tumblr (and there’s a Tweet for this post)! You can also find out more about the project, past stories, and how to get your own custom stories on this page. And if you’re enjoying the project and want to support it, consider dropping me a Ko-Fi?

See you guys in two weeks for the next story!

Bacon, out.


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