A Short of Sorts: A Heavy Heart



Today’s short story… is a PROMPT STORY!!! That’s right, folks, they’re BACK. Short stories will once again be written including every single prompt my lovely audience can come up with. Though with a few changes. Here’s an overview:

  • Oftentimes, the stories will be illustrated by the awesome Blue Byrde.
  • I won’t be posting the prompt lists separately—I’ll just be posting stories every other week.
  • Anyone can send prompts at any time, though if you prompt late it might get worked into the next story.
  • There’s no prompt limit (though if the sky falls and there are too many, some might carry over to the next story).
  • Prompts can be anything! Words, songs, pictures, anything. But keep prompts PG-13, nothing offensive, and I don’t do fanfic, alas. By giving me prompts, you’re giving me the honor to do whatever I’d like with them in/with my stories.
  • Just leave a comment here, use my contact page, or find me on Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram to shoot me a prompt.
  • I’ll start off with themes, but no one ever has to stick with them. The theme for the next story is: “SPACE.” Do with it what you will.

Why not post every week, you ask? On occasion I might post an original story, HOWEVER, if you want my words on the week between, support me on Ko-Fi, drop your me your prompts (no limit—but obviously I’m not going to fit a hundred prompts into a 500-1,000 word story—but same rules apply: keep it PG-13, unoffensive, and I suck at fanfic), and you’ll get a custom story made and posted with your prompts alone. :D First come first serve, but if I have a way to contact you, you’ll have the story as soon as it’s written so you won’t have to wait until it’s posted. If you have any questions, or even just want to run what you’d like by me, please do reach out!

Now, this story! I wanted something cute and light as opposed to silly to start off with, so hopefully it worked? Above all else, I wanted to have fun—something I haven’t had while writing in eons. Probably since last prompt project. The prompts were given by Blue (who drew this gorgeous background—she’s too fantastic, help) and idkmanthatgirl, both who strongly encouraged me to come back to this. The prompts are as follows (and all from Insta this week):

  • Heart of stone – @byrdeblue
  • Breadcrumbs in my shoes – @byrdeblue
  • Covered in slime – @byrdeblue
  • Disco dragons – @idkmanthatgirl

Anyone else a little excited? Does anyone happen to have any prompts? And even if you don’t want a custom story but appreciated this one, perhaps consider donating on Ko-Fi? You can also find this story up on Tumblr and Instagram!

Archive of Previous Stories

Bacon, out.


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