We’re live!!!

Look, a new, free, short story project of mine! And some amazing work by amazing friends! (Click through to read more about all the projects on the original post!) For updates on our projects, follow us on the Speculative Girls blog, Wattpad, GetUnderlined, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or Facebook. :)

Speculative Girls

Speculative Girls has launched! Check us out on Wattpad and Getunderlined. Feel free to subscribe to this blog in the sidebar to the right of this post to get updates whenever new content goes up. But now, without any further ado, here are the stories that we’re launching with, and when they’ll next be updated!:

Monday – Bacon


A collection of short stories that are little odd, a lot weird, and full to the brim with dragons and magic.

| Wattpad | GetUnderlined |

Wednesday – GilaBeau


Emilynne Bradford knows Death is inevitable–but she still won’t let him take her sister without a fight.

Life is tough in the small forest town of Amford, and Death has been a frequent visitor. But after nearly succumbing to a fever the year before, Emilynne has learned that she can see him–and fight with him every chance she…

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