Working together as enemies was actually pretty sweet. Who gives a crap if we argued our heads off, had a few fights, broke each other’s bones?

Well, breaking each other’s bones was actually kinda counterproductive to escape, so.

“What the hell are you doing, pickle-head?” Chrissy tosses a wrench at my head, and I barely dodge in time, reaching out a hand and catching it before it tumbles into the dark abyss. Which would’ve created a racket large enough to draw the entire army of douches that captured us in the first place to our location.

“We’ve spent a month formulating and executing this stupid plan, you’d think you’d know not to be an idiot, idiot.” I mutter, taking our hard-earned wrench and starting work on my side of the metal panel. Being a cyborg comes in handy at times like this—mechanical arms are awesome for things like tough bolts that won’t budge, heroic acts, and vigilante antics that normally involve the girl next to me with her metal legs ruining my day.

Sadly, the advanced machinery is the exact reason I was kidnapped for testing with my arch nemesis.

I chuck the wrench back at her, understanding why she threw it at me in the first place. Maybe if we both got re-captured of killed it’d be good in the long run. One of the most cunning, mysterious villains would be off the street, and I’d just be an unfortunate casualty.

She catches the wrench, eyeing me. She knows that last step was the final one to get to freedom.

Well, I guess it’s too late to go back now. I’ll just totally destroy her later. Not a big deal. Hopefully.

With a deep breath, I grab the edge of the metal panel. “Just so you know, after we’re out…”

“Whatever the hell this truce thing was is over.” She nods, eyes narrowing. “Don’t expect any mercy.”

I grin. “Same goes for you.”

She snorts, and I pull the panel forward —

Just in time for a robot patrol outside the door to notice.

Well. Crap.

The lithe, metal predator turns and aims a pair of stun guns at me before I can even take in a breath.

Maybe Chrissy will… no. We’re out. Technically. Okay, out enough for a villain to consider being out. I can almost see her smirk out of the corner of my eye. Probably laughing as she zooms away on those mechanical legs.

I’ll never see my family again. My friends. I’ll never save another person. It took everything the two of us had combined to get out of here once, I doubt I could do the same thing alone, much less come up with a new plan.

This sucks.

Something slams into my side. It takes a moment to realize that the slamming came from a different direction than the robot.


Once I get enough air in my lungs to actually focus, I see we’re finally free. The night sky is full of stars as we race headlong into a giant, matte wall.

Right as I’m about to yell we should probably not crash through the wall and destroy our bones and machinery, Chrissy skids too a stop, using the momentum to fling me at the wall.

I flail in the air. “Thanks for the warning,” I scream before slamming into stone, my metallic fingers curling into it and crushing the rock before I can really think about it. Sometimes getting teased and treated like crap for being born without arms pays off in the end.

In a smooth movement I swing myself to the top of the wall. I look back at Chrissy, looking all tiny and not as evil from here, the robots glittering zooming closer to her by the second. Seriously, she’s so small I imagine reaching out my leg and stepping on her. I snicker.

This… this is what I was just thinking about a few minutes earlier, isn’t it? I wouldn’t even need to sacrifice myself to take her out in this scenario.

But she just sacrificed herself for me.


I kneel on the thick wall, extending the mechanics of my arm to the point they could break, just low enough for her to jump up, grab on, and whisk her up.

I don’t wait for the robots to break out the big guns, jumping down the other side of the wall without hesitation. Chrissy catches us with her legs, preventing me from breaking anything.

But I don’t let go right away once my feet are on solid ground. “Why did you save me?”

She grins, leaning in a bit closer. “Why did you save me?” Then she closes the distance, her lips brushing the side of my face before her cocky, stupid smirk is gone in a flash.

Well. That was an adventure.


(Quick A/N:
This story will probably be the last posted until the 7th because I won’t have regular internet from tomorrow until then-ish!)


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