A Few Things

  1. I’M MOVING NEXT WEEKEND. ISH. So I don’t know when I’ll have internet. Which means that I may not be posting shorts for a time. Which brings me to…
  2. The short story project I never explained! I’m in a fun writing limbo, but if I don’t write I can’t sleep. So I’m re-doing a short story project I did ages ago and posting it to hold myself accountable. I’m going to aim to post every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, with the exception of the moving weekend/week.
  3. I swear I actually am on a social media hiatus (mostly Twitter and FB). From now until probably November is going to be super painful for me as it’s Pitch Wars season. It’s a huge dream of mine to be a mentor, but I’ve realized that’s more than likely never going to happen and it’s a constant reminder of how bad I am at this whole thing. (I still love the contest — a bunch of my friends are mentors and I’m encouraging two CPs to get their butts in gear for it this year!) I was hanging around a bit lately because of a thing, and I will check stuff those days I post stories, but otherwise I will not be online.

I think that’s it? WELP. If not we’ll know soon enough.

Bacon, out.


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