I lean against the fence. The metal groans softly, and the bite of rust fills my nose. “What are you trying to say?” I look up and meet her brilliantly green eyes.

She leans in closer, the sweetly sour tinge of her breath joining with the scent of rust. The sharp orange light of the sunset paint her features sharp, predatory. “You’re hiding something.”

A smile curves onto my lips. “Of course I am.”

She opens her mouth, then closes it. Not what she was expecting? Good.

I lean in closer. “Do you really want to know?”

Her eyes are wide, every part of her frozen. I barely feel the brush of her hot breath against my cheek.

“Yeah.” It’s not even a whisper, but I knew it was coming.

I take her hand in mine. It’s so soft, full of warmth and life. It’s hard to believe things as perfect as this are truly real.

I shake my head. That’s not the point, that’s not why we’re here.

“Come with me,” I whisper before pushing off the fence and bounding down the street.

She stutters out shocked words, but they make no sense.

I laugh, the hot, humid air heavy as it drags in and out of my lungs. We’re at the top of a hill, the street arcing down to the ocean that glitters gold and pink in the restless water. I’m going to miss this place when it’s time to move on.

Lights flash. A level crossing lowers in front of us as a train zooms by.

I skid to a stop, having to pull her back from running into the speeding metal. We spin until we nearly fall over, but she’s the one to keep me upright, her delicate arm placed around my waist.

I lean in closer, my body acting before my mind can react. Her heat seeps through my skin, and underneath the sharp taint of sweat, there’s a sweat smell. Vanilla. Like cake.

“Where are we going?” She pants, looking like she’ll fall if let’s go of me.

My grin grows, lips pulling back over my teeth as I drag myself away from her. “You’ll see.”

The train passes. Before the level crossing even lifts I’m dragging her along again, the slope making us more fall than run faster and faster until the ground softens, the sand dragging our steps to a near stop. By the time I pull her under the pier, we don’t even have the breath to speak.

A deep blue of darkness starts to creep into the warm colors, the sun’s turn over for the day.
It’s my turn, now.

“Why,” she gasps, “are we here?”

I brush the hair from her forehead, slick with sweat. I move closer. The smell of cake has only grown stronger, and I lean in and take a deep breath. “Because I simply can’t resist you any longer.”

Her eyes widen. Fear? Probably not the fear she should be feeling.

I bring my lips to her neck, my tongue to her soft skin. Oh dear lord, she tastes sweet, too.

She gasps.

I do too.

The chill of the night air wraps around us, though we stay sweltering where our bodies meet. The darkness seeps into my skin, driving the day’s influence out. A ripple runs through my body, and my skin bristles as my silky hair grows, as my other set of teeth break through my gums. As my animal comes out.

The grin comes back onto my face as her hands find my fur, a giggle seeping past my fangs.

She was such a nice girl, but you know what they say. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.



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