A Wild Bacon Appears

I’m coming back from hiatus! Ish! I’m not gonna be around a lot, but I miss everyone too much to stay away.

And SURPRISE, I moved from Tumblr to my old, abandoned WordPress. I imported my Tumblr-site and deleted the old stuff so, no, you guys don’t get to read my embarrassing older posts. Sorry?

Anyhow, some updates:

  • I did keep up with Bacon’s Adventures in Dreamland posts while I was on hiatus, so you can catch up on those (on this site, not the old one) if you like that brand of insanity.
  • I did a super fun author interview right over here.
  • AND LOOK AT THE AMAZING AUTHOR PORTRAIT I COMMISSIONED TELARI FOR. You can obviously see it EVERYWHERE all over the site, but to see the full awesome version click that first link!

That’s about it for now!

Bacon, out.


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