Dear 2015 PitchWars Mentees

Congrats on getting further into the insanity! Pitch Wars was amazing and crazy stressful and so worth it. I learned so much from everyone, and made so many connections. And that’s what matters most: the community.

I was an alternate last year. My mentor was awesome and was able to give me some notes on my full MS, so I hunkered down and got working on some pretty big edits. A bunch of the mentees and alts formed a group, and were there for each other every step of the way. They encouraged me and pushed me when I needed it. But that’s not when community mattered most.

Then came the agent round! I tried to expect nothing since I was only an alt, but I got a few requests. And I sent out a batch of queries too, to test the waters. Within a month I had an offer from one of the agents who requested. And the group cheered me on and kept me going ‘cause some not-so-great things happened around the same time as that offer. And then there were the edits after that, and me questioning my every move — having an agent is a ton of pressure on you and your writing, let me tell you. The group was there for me through all of it, making it so I finally could write, so I got past my edits. but that still wasn’t when community mattered most.

Long story short, I obviously don’t have an agent anymore. I’m not going to go into details, it wouldn’t be right. But it was devastating. I blamed myself and my writing and there have been many points within the past few months where I thought it wasn’t worth it anymore. When you get to that place where you can finally call yourself successful and lose all of it in the span of one e-mail, how can you not question it? It still sticks with me, whispering in my ear with every rejection I get, every mistake I make, every word I write, “Do you really think you’re good enough?”

But the group of people I met through Pitch Wars keeps me going. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I would not be writing now without that group. The pulled me out again and again, they encouraged me, and were there to help whenever I asked for it. You grow a bond with people when you slave so hard over your work together. And, sure, I could go and blame all of this all on the fact that I was in Pitch Wars in the first place. That request did come from the contest. But I would go through it again to get the community I’m so honored to be a part of.

Writing itself is a solitary act, but it takes a village to raise a novel.

So, good luck mentees! And if you didn’t get in, it’s not the end of the world. If you’ve been stalking and participating the hashtag, you’ve already started building your community.

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Bacon, out.


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