Why You SHOULD Let Your Mom Read Your Book


All right folks, don’t get me wrong. Building connections with other writers is extremely important (check out everyone else’s posts this month for more on that/how to do that), but sometimes your best support comes from non-writers.

If you have a good relationship with your parents, or an aunt, or a distant cousin or a non-writer friend they exist I swear, and they ask to see it, let them! Maybe they won’t give your spot-on critiques like your CPs, or even have much feedback at all, but they will be your best cheerleader. And, believe me, in the query and submission trenches, having a cheerleader can make all the difference.

And sometimes having the opinion of someone outside of your writing circle can shed light on things you would have never thought of. I never send out a query or a synopsis my sister hasn’t seen. My sister who doesn’t read anything like what I write, and is in college for addiction counseling. I might not have gotten an agent with my last query letter, but I’m still super proud of that bugger she helped me bang out. Without her pointing out the direct things that confused her and others couldn’t quite put a finger on, it wouldn’t be nearly as shiny as it is.

So, don’t put it in your bio that your mom loves your writing, but maybe don’t shut out your natural supports entirely. They may be more valuable than you know.

What are your guys’ takes on this? Beg to differ? Have a story to tell?

Bacon, Out


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