Work in Progresses for Newbs


This is actually a super-relevant topic since I finished a draft of a novel a few days ago. So, since I seem to know enough to finish one of these buggers, here’s a few pointers:

  • Set a daily word count and stick to it religiously. Unless you have the
    sort of life where you don’t know if/when you’ll have time to write.
  • Don’t ever edit while drafting. Unless that keeps you motivated, or you get into writing by going through the chapter you just wrote.
  • Only let betas/critique partners read your manuscript after it’s as perfect as you can make it. Unless having someone read as you go is what pushes you to keep writing.
  • Never touch your manuscript for exactly two months after finishing it, or you might be too close to edit. Unless that closeness is something you find useful in editing.
  • Exclusively write what you know, and things that are similar to what you’ve done before. Unless learning about new topics, or genres, ore anything, and stretching yourself is what makes writing exiting for you.
  • Have set rewards. Unless you’re like me and always eat the chocolate at the beginning of the day.
  • Sacrifice everything for your writing. Unless you happen to have things in your life that matter more to you.
  • Listen to every single piece of writing advice you hear, and become an enigma.

Okay, in all seriousness, writing a novel is simple. One word after another until you’ve reached the end. Advice is great when it helps you — I’ve loved hearing all the tricks and tips and methods the other KBKL authors have posted this month — but it’s equally important to know when it’s something that doesn’t suit you. This is your journey, your art, so remember that no one else can know the inside of your head quite like you do. Relax. You’ve got this.


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