Meet the Authors: 10 Q&A with Kazul (aka Bacon)


This month Kick-Butt Kid Lit is introducing its contributors. Here is a Q&A with author K. Kazul Wolf.

Favourite Authors/Genres/Characters?

I adore fantasy most of all the genres. And any age category, though I lean towards kidlit, naturally. I love Diana Wynne Jones because you’ll never find an author with more insane, complicated and brilliant plots, and Laini Taylor because dat prose! My favorite sort of characters are the kind with huge arcs, the ones that end up flipped on their head and totally different than they were in the beginning. Someday I’ll manage to write one, someday…

Which book world would you like to live in?

Oooh, man. I think early Narnia. Imagine watching a world grow, and being a part of shaping it.

What’s in your writing cave?

That’s hard to say, since I weirdly like to move around when I write — my bedroom, to the family room, to the kitchen, to lounged on the floor. My most productive place to write is out in public, at a cafe or a library or the like. Always food, though. My stomach is a black hole.

If you could magic wand a character into real life, who would you choose?

Can I bring my namesake, Kazul the king of dragons? Because she’s awesomely sassy and hilarious, and who couldn’t use a dragon in their life?

What’s your secret identity (day job)?

I’m a chef! Well, currently a chef, who works as a baker, who’s disguised as a barista. Fine dining is my specialty — I’ve studied at the CIA (not THAT CIA, The Culinary Institute of America) and the restaurant I current work at is a four-diamond establishment. Though if I actually go out to eat, I’m totally the sort to go for a juicy burger and fries.

What resource did you wish you’d known about when you first started out writing/querying?

I wish I knew how amazing the writing community across the internet was. I thought I had to go it alone, I had to perfect it on my own, and I had to survive it all without a hand to hold. No, a book is about community.

Pen and paper or keyboard?

Both! I write and edit by keyboard, and “outline” during the day at work in a notebook. For some reason, that’s the only way I can get away with outlining — only plan a chapter or two ahead with pen and paper. I actually got so bored playing barista in the past week I ended up accidentally plotting a whole novel. We’ll see how that goes after I’m done with my current WIP!

Three books you love?

  • Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
  • Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

Guilty pleasure?

I am the biggest freaking anime dork. I’m so psyched about the new Digimon series this coming April. There’s no saving me.

What is your current work in progress about?

Luckily I spent time procrastinating trying to write up a rough query of my current novel, ESSENCE:

Emma wakes up to a man with black eyes and razor-pointed teeth hovering over her, in a strange house, an even stranger land. She can’t even try to run; the town she’s in is surrounded by a ward that keeps out a seething darkness of eaters — formless remains of people who have lost their souls, and will do anything to get another. But even that doesn’t compare to the fact that she can’t even remember who she was before she woke up.

The monster-man, Bob, and the owner of the house, a Magician named Morgan, seem nice enough, though the sink like a bottomless pit, an oven that likes to shoot its racks at unsuspecting victims are a little hard to swallow. There’s no solace outside — the townsfolk blame her for the infestation of monsters, and it’s only Morgan and Bob keeping her safe. Emma can’t understand what motivates them to help her, what’s in it for them and what they want from her. The truth is a tricky thing when you can barely remember your own name.

Hey guys! :D I’m a contributor over at this new, awesome blog where we’ll choose one topic every month for us to explore, so you can see it from the perspective of nine different authors. It’s new, so there’s only our interviews there now, BUT IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING.

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