A Very Inspiring Blogger Award?!

blogger award

    I’ve been nominated by Tara Sim to do a Very Inspiring Blogger Award post! Tara was someone who I was in Pitch Wars with, and is an amazing person and writer. You should totally go stalk her. Now. I’ll wait.

    So, for this award post I have to post seven things about myself, then nominate others to take part. Welp, here goes:

  1. I can’t drink coffee. I learned this when I was volunteering at my zoo’s Halloween event, where they passed around coffee to us because it was absolutely freezing. I was working at the balloon houses. I literally bounced off walls.
  2. Dubstep is what I listen to while writing and relaxing. To each their own?
  3. Even though I’m a writer, I didn’t like reading at all until I was about ten or eleven, then discovered Narnia and Harry Potter (can’t remember which came first; the witch or the wizard).
  4. I have eaten cat food before because I was curious. That curiosity gets me in a lot of trouble.
  5. Despite my angry eyes, my favorite color is actually blue. Haha, no, I’m not running out of things to say, I swear. Ehem.
  6. I studied at the CIA. Okay, The Culinary Institute of America. And I don’t have a full degree from there, but it’s still fun to freak people out with that.
  7. I made it! Uh, I mean… I have a huge soft spot for all animals. My most recent cat was abandoned at my mom’s job, and I never so much as questioned driving over and getting the poor, scrawny thing. (His name is Cindy, by the by. You might have heard me complain about the bugger. A lot.)

    Now to nominate! Hmmm, I choose:

  • alaskapenn – She writes amazing books about anime-centaurs and other fantastical things.
  • Molly Louise – A writer friend who I’ve beta’d with, and is definitely going places.
  • Joy Smith – Because you said you needed things to blog about (and taught me more about writing than anyone else ever has).
  • altairattorney – For writing the most amazing fanfiction.
  • Hannah Smith – Just because you’re so cool. And I dare my fabulous Boyfriend to vlog this, since I’m pretty sure you don’t have a blog.
  • everqueen12 – Since you’re such a super-awesome amazing writer and friend.

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