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I’ve been tagged in a few sorts of posts in the past few months so BAM. One huge masterpost of probably ridiculous answers for simple questions.


Okay, in no particular order:


First up, twerkingtargaryens.


1) If you could put anything in your house right now (like rooms or waterslides or something) what would it be?

A room of pillows and couches and comfy-ness. That is literally my goal in life – to have a house with a room like that.

2) What is the worst thing your significant other could do to you?

Whoa, that was a jump to super-deep. XD Lying about or hiding something important.

3) What song do you listen to when you’re sad?

It depends! But generally, “Hello My Old Heart” by The Of Hellos.

4) What was the last picture you took?


5) What’s the one thing you like most about yourself?

Um… God. My ability to get up again, I guess.


Neeeext is telesthete.


Rules: Just insert your answers to the question bellow

Tagged by: telesthete

Name: Kazul

Nicknames: Bacon, Sophie, Goldfish, Senpai

Birthday: April, a long time ago.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Ace

Height: 6’

Timezone: Eastern? Can’t remember the fancy GMT time.

What time and date is it there: 10:32 am September 1st

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 6, or 12. Yeah.

The last thing I googled was: *cough*Thegifforthebeginningofthispost*cough*

My most used phrase(s): Hmm. I know I have a crapton, but I can’t think of any. Anyone want to make fun of me for them? :’D

First word that comes to mind: Doritos.

What I last said to a family member: “Can you throw me that box of Cheerios?”

One place that makes me happy and why: The bluffs of Lake Ontario. I started writing there, it’s my place to be lost for just a little bit.

OTPs: Uh. Uhhhh. Kirito and Asuna from SAO, Karou and Akiva from DoSaB, Syaoran and Sakura from Tsubasa and… Man, I’m just a general canon shipper who watches shows mostly for plot DON’T HURT ME.

How many blankets I sleep under: In the summer, none, in the winter, as many as I can get. I joke that I’m cold-blooded.

Favorite beverage(s): HOT CHOCOLATE. But the good stuff, not that packet junk.

The last movie I watched in the cinema: How to Train your Dragon 2 (WHICH WAS AMAZING)

Three things I can’t live without: Okay, nixing sleep/food/water because those are amazing and we’d die without them: kitties, books and video games and story-based media in general, and music.

Something I plan to learn: Everything that I can.

A piece of advice for all my followers: You’re all absolutely amazing. No, seriously. You exist in a universe so impossibly big, and the chance of life actually existing is so small, and so impossible, that the fact that you’re alive, reading this, makes you amazing beyond belief. (Though I’ve no idea why anyone would actually take the time to read this far in.)

You all have to listen to this song: “Opus 28” by Dustin O’Halloran


And now here’s everqueen12


Rule one: Always post the rules.
Rule two: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones.
Rule three: Tag 11 people and link them to the post

1. What’s your favorite hairstyle, on yourself or other people?

I… honestly don’t care at all whatsoever about hair. X’D Personally, I like my hair long because I mess with it when I get anxious.

2. Favorite dessert?

YOU CRUEL, CRUEL PERSON. YOU DO KNOW THAT I’M A BAKER, RIGHT? Okay. My favorite thing to eat at my bakery is out cannoli filling. You haven’t eaten until you’ve had out cannoli filling. (I hate shells, though. But I don’t like crusts on pies either, so *ducks for cover*)

3. Place(s) you want to visit the most and why?

Hmmm. I want to go visit my best friends again, for rather obvious reasons. Only having one friend in your own giant state gets a little lonely. Otherwise? I want to travel the world. I was t see and feel and smell and taste cultures that I can only read about from here.

4. Video game you hate and why?

I don’t think I’ve ever HATED a video game? I’m generally fairly passive on longer forms of art; I just drop them when they don’t click. :’D

5. Opinion on plastic sugary?

I… that’s a typo, right? Because that is a BEAUTIFUL typo. I guess I’m not in a place where I want/need plastic surgery, so I really don’t know. I do think some people have a problem with it, and I think sometimes it would be amazing to address underlying issues first, but, I’m not in their shoes. Those are just thoughts.

6. What’s your dream house?

COUCHES AND PILLOWS AND CUSHIONS EVERYWHERE. <3 I am a lounge lizard, so the more comfortable, the better. And, if life continues in the direction it’s going in, I’d really like somewhere small, just enough room for a nice kitchen and a place to keep my books.

7. Strangest thing you did as a child?

Oh God. I don’t know if there’s a way to honestly answer this. I was a strange, strange, strange child. I was the sort that went outside all day long and hunted down bugs and snakes and salamanders and frogs, and then kept them and studied them and researched them. I was also a kid with “management skills,” who spent a vast majority of her time in her head. 
I’m just going to have to think on this one.

8. Favorite flower and why?

Iris. They were my favorite in my garden while growing up, and they just look so different. Just a soft spot, I guess. :)

9. Make a playlist for someone hearing sound for the first time (at least 3-5 songs).

WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME. This question is nearly impossible, especially since I listen to music with strong emotional/memory ties, so here’s what I have from some very panicked browsing of my iTunes.

  1. Hello my Old Heart – The Oh Hellos
  2. To Build a Home – The Cinematic Orchestra
  3. Opus 28 – Dustin O’ Halloran
  4. Someone Out of Town – Yuna
  5. Come Back When You Can – Barcelona
  6. The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends?) – Snow Patrol
  7. Chained – The XX
  8. Pumpin’ Blood – NONONO
  9. Home – Foxes
  10. A Year Ago Today – Bear’s Den

10. Your OTP of OTPs?

I DON’T HAVE ONE. DX Maybe… River and Johnny from To the Moon? Just because, man. That journey

11. Is there a story behind your name? Username or real name, and if so, what is it?

No no, I won’t tell you. Go read Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede.


ANOTHER, this time by thewickedguacamole


  • Rule 1: Always post the rules
  • Rule 2: Answer the 11 questions that the person tagged you asked and write 11 new ones
  • Rule 3: Tag 11 people
  • Rule 4: Tell them you tagged them

1. What is your favorite holiday?

Halloween, methinks. Though the build-up to it is sometimes more exciting than the holiday itself.

2. If you could travel back to any point in your past would you?


3. What is the airspeed velocity of a swallow?

I feel like I should make a bad joke here, but instead I went to Google. YES IT’S ALREADY A JOKE, and here, science.

4. Funniest injury you ever got?

I popped by elbow out of its socket while swimming. That’s right folks. A near-zero impact sport.

5. Best city and/or country you ever visited?

HMMM. Washington DC was pretty freaking amazing.

6. One of the first movies you remember enjoying as a kid?

I remember many Disney movies blurred together, but the first disctinct one would either have to be Dragonheart, or The Princess Bride. I believe that explains a lot.

7. Favorite dessert?


8. A TV show you didn’t think you’d like but ended up loving?


9. The coolest person you unexpectedly met? (This could a friend or whatever, or a famous person of some kind)

primaryfeather. I randomly started talking to her about the fact that we were both homeschooled, many, many years ago back on Inkpop. And now she’s the only friend I’ve ever had for this long.

10. Your Hogwarts house (if you are in fact a fan of Harry Potter).

Ravenclaw, hell yeah.

11. If you found yourself thrust into an rpg-like world, what class/job would you have or what would be your weapon of choice?

ROGUE. I’m a fan of fast and effective, so small razor-sharp assassin blades, please.


Last, but certainly not least, femmebotnoir


1. If you could rename yourself (no matter how much you love your name), what would it be?

Dude, I love my real name way too much, but I suppose I’d re-name myself as my penname otherwise?

2. If you could live in any television universe, what would it be?

It’s times like this I wish I actually watched TV, then remember five minutes later that anime counts as TV. Ummmmmmm… I think Noein is pretty freaking amazing and quANTIM PHYSICS HELL YEAH *cough*

3. What novel(s) had a huge impact on your life?  Not as in just what you like but what really changed the way you used to think.

Hmm. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book like that. I thing the last one would be Daughter of Smoke and Bone, not because it changed my world view or anything spectacular like that, but because it made writing okay. I found that book in one of my lowest of low writing slumps, I was sincerely going to stop writing. And it was so beautiful that instead of wanting to throw everything I’ve ever written out the window (for once), it made me want to live up to it. Not to mention, after that it led me to a group of friends and fellow fans who are AMAZING and so much fun, and I’m very close to a few of them. :)

4. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?


5. What one historical event would you prevent after 1945?

Wow. That is a hell of a question, and I don’t think I have enough historical knowledge to answer that. So, so much crap has happened since then, even with my little frame of reference.

6. If you could have any one superpower, what would it be and why?

The ability to manipulate matter. Or physics. Because that would essentially make me a god.

7. If you could be any superhero/supervillain for a day or two, who would you be and why?

THESE QUESTIONS I SWEAR. I don’t really follow many superhero universes right now, but in a world without kryponite growing out of every crack, being Superman would be cool

8. What’s your favorite comedy?

Comedy isn’t my favorite, hmm… *goes to look at movie shelf* The Emperor’s New Groove,

9. If you could write any television, movie or comic series then what would it be?

As in a a re-making of something else? Or my own thing? If someone else’s, I would be all over doing a version of Howl’s Moving Castle that actually resembles the book (not dissing the movie, I like it, it’s just honestly NOTHING LIKE the book and the book is bloody brilliant). My own? I have this story called Hollow Beast that takes place in a castle, where each season is a day, and I don’t think I could ever do justice to with words alone. I’d need to team up with an artist/director to bring that one about.

10. Would you work for Disney, Dreamwork or another animation company?

YES. Never, ever Disney, but I’d totally go for Dreamworks. Actually, Ghibli would be my ideal.

11. You and me are gonna go on holiday.  Where would we go and why? (Feel free to bring other Tumbr people or not me!  But I like holidays.)

Oh God, I don’t know! I guess I’d find the cheapest tickets and most affordable ways to stay at the place and we’d just go exploring? I travel how I write; very little planning done before I get there.





And now since I’m supposed to be tagging many people, I tag ALL OF YOU WHO READ THIS FAR. You get to pick one of the sets of questions I answered above, and have at it.

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