Why, Hello, #PitchWars and #PimpMyBio

So as a a few of you (and anyone who follows me on Twitter), know, I’ve entered PitchWars! And so to help the mentors get to know us possible-mentees while they stalk applicants, there’ve been bios written by the mentees popping up, now gathered over here. And, well, why not join in other than being horrible socially awkward?

I live in the absolute middle of nowhere in upstate/not-quite-western New York. Proof? I have chickens, sheep, three dogs, many cats (one of which is mine and lovingly known as Perv cat), and an evil bunny, with not a soul complaining about all the noise.

While I’m not hanging out in that insane asylum, I work as a baker at a four-diamond restaurant. I started off as a chef, having worked at a diner, another fine dining place, had a stint at the CIA – the other CIA – and finally settled at this place. I have to get up at 2am to go to work, so I tend to be pretty insane.

Not that I wasn’t insane to begin with.


Despite being a book, video game, and kinda-comic addict my whole life, I actually didn’t start writing as a serious hobby until I was eighteen. Before that I was a swimming jock. Then I had the swine flu for a ridiculously intense six months that left me with asthma for a year, and constant sinus pain and infections that I still have. I pretty much lost all that I’d worked for. So while I was stuck in bed watching too much anime, I wrote my first novel.

I’m a totally fantasy addict, writing all across the board of YA/occasionally NA fantasy, and sometimes sticking my nose into other spec genres. I have a project in the works with Villipede Press, but not too much else to brag about (maybe other than the silly prompt challenge… which I should be writing right now).

That’s it! All I have to share about boring old me.

Bacon, out.


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